Yogesh Piolet Thulasidharan

Degree of Education University CGPA or Percentage
Master of Technology (Information Technology) Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur 9.27
Bachelor of Engineering
(Computer Science)
Visweswaraiah Technological University
(Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore)
(First class with distinction)

A memorable moment

Receiving the Gold medal from one of my icons, Dr. Madhavan Nair G, Former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for best performance in Pre-University examinations.

Postgraduate Education at IIT Kharagpur

Some of my works during M.Tech :
Courses taken during M.Tech :

First Semester Second Semester
Communication Systems and Networking Internet and Web-based Technologies
Foundations of Computing Systems Distributed Systems
Information Systems Design Soft Computing Applications
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Information and System Security
Advanced Database Systems Environmental Setting in socio-technical system (Mandatory humanities course)
Syllabus of all the above courses: click here

Undergraduate Education

  • Presented a seminar on "Mobile Security: SMS & WAP" at Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore in circa March 2008.

Some of my best performances in Lab courses

Laboratory course Languages & software skills Marks
Networks lab Socket programming & NetSim simulator 49/50
CGI lab Java,CGI,PHP,MySQL,HTML,Apache 48/50
Database Management lab Oracle 9i, SQL, Visual Basic 44/50
Computer Graphics lab Filling,Clipping,Translation,Rotation,Scaling, Curve generation algorithms in C 49/50
Microprocessors lab Assembly language - 8086 using MASM,stepper motor interface, logic controller interface 46/50
System Software lab Lex,YACC 50/50
Object oriented programming lab C++ 45/50
Algorithms lab Brute force, Divide & conquer,Transform & conquer,Dynamic Programming, Greedy,Backtracking algorithms in C 50/50
C programming lab C 47/50

Some of my top-scored subjects in the university examinations

Java & CGI Graph Theory & Combinatorics Object oriented programming with C++
Discrete Mathematical Structures Unix Systems Programming Database Management Systems
Network Management Principles of Programming Languages Engg Mathematics - IV
Computer Networks - II Intro to Microprocessors Engg Mathematics - III
Computer Networks - I Elements of Civil Engg, Engg Graphics & Chemistry Engg Mathematics - I